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PPC publishing is a good way to ensure that you receive a high volume of traffic but you should also prepare yourself in the sense that you should know what to do with the traffic once it starts landing on your website. One of the assumptions about PPC is that it generates targeted traffic, which means that the visitors already know what they are doing and they will not be surprised when they land on your website. However, the truth is that a good portion of the people is just browsing around aimlessly and has only a vague notion of what they actually wish to purchase.

For example a search for a generic term like "baseball" has no commercial meaning and could be a search for history, teams, latest team standing, upcoming tournaments, and so on. This is a form of uncategorized search and it need not always turn into a sale. You need to be prepared to handle these sorts of visitors because they are going to form a respectable proportion of the traffic you receive through PPC.

This is the reason why even a pure retail website needs to have some useful content so that no amount of traffic is wasted even if it is not related to sales. Your website must be useful for everyone and not just your potential customers. Also include helpful links and visual cues that help guide random users to your sales page. Remember that PPC advertising is only the first step to creating profits and not the whole thing.

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