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PPC – Pros and Cons of PPC

PPC – Pros and Cons of PPC

PPC advertising is basically buying traffic from a search engine. You first have to go through a bidding war on your choice of keywords and only then do your ads begin to appear as you have set them up in your campaign.

The first key to success in PPC advertising is to choose the right keywords based on the main content of your website as well as the nature of your business. Keywords are the words users enter on a search engine when looking for information. The more specifically you can target those keywords the more prominently your advertisements are displayed. Note that popular keywords have higher bids. Your bid will determine the placement of your advertisement. The higher you bid the more hits you will generate but then take into account the conversion ratio before making outrageous bids. The good thing about PPC is that it is all pretty straightforward. You do not need to be some sort of Internet guru to use it effectively and it is also quite economical so that even a person with modest budget can afford it. Finally, you only pay for your PPC ads when someone actually clicks on them. There is no cost for displaying them on the search results page. This is the most cost effective way of advertising on the Internet.

The obvious drawback is that your competitors can click on your ads just to raise your advertising bill. You will be spending money for no reason at all. The last disadvantage of PPC is that though it is effective it is not viable in the long term.

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