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Speed up Windows Mobile 5 Pocket Device

Windows Mobile 5 gives us some important new features including persistent storage. When I heard that there was an upgrade for my HP iPAQ hx2410 Pocket PC I was eager to upgrade, along with many others. Unfortunately, the upgrade has not been smooth for many and performance has been a real problem. But I can tell you that the performance issue is solved by doing the following:

*If you are not comfortable with editing your registry you should not do so, just get the newest version of Tweaks2k2*

Using a registry editor lookup and change the following three values:

Be sure to choose Tools>Exit in order to have the settings applied to the registry and then turn off your Windows Mobile device, don't reset yet! You have to do this because WM5 keeps some things in RAM and by cycling the power it will write to ROM.

Now, soft reset your device.

We aren't done yet, although you will probably notice a difference in performance right away.

Now, you need to stop Activesync from periodically starting on it's own. To do so open Activesync on your WM5 device and tap on Menu>Add Server Source. Add any info to create a fake server sync. After that is complete go to Menu>Schedule and change the two dropdowns to "Manual" and tap "ok" at the top right. You can now go to Menu>Options and delete the Exchange Server setting you just added. Now Activesync will not start when you cradle your device.

Error Reporting is real drain on the battery and on performance. It is simple to disable, just go to Start>Settings>System(tab) and tap the Error Reporting icon. Change the setting to "Disable error reporting".

For good measure, soft reset again. Everything should be MUCH snappier!!

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