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Game Boy Advance SP vs Game Boy Micro

Surprisingly, with the release of the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite and the Sony PSP, the Game Boy Advance series is still running as good as ever. But with two choices: GBA SP and Game Boy Micro, which one is worth the money? As they both cost the same...

I really haven't got a GBA SP, and my brother owns a Game Boy Micro. I only own a normal Game Boy Advance. That's not the point, which one of these handhelds is better?

Game Boy Advance SP has its ups and downs, it can play GB, GBC and GBA games, it has a light screen, rechargeable battery, laptop style body and great sound. But, it's very compact and close together, which can cause discomfort for those who have more larger hands.

The Game Boy Micro is much different, it's very small and has a tiny light screen, it can only play GBA games and has a generous battery supply. It's also not as "squeezed together".

For the retro gamer, such as myself who has a large stash of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, it automatically ticks the GBM straight off my list, but if you have a large selection of GBA games this shouldn't be a problem.

Also: for those with eye problems, or shortsightedness, the screen on the Game Boy Micro could cause problems and strain the eyes.

Both the GBA SP and GBM have good sound, but the volume control on the GBM is very unusual and I get confused very easily whether I'm turning the volume up or down!

So really I think that about wraps it all up. If you've got the money, you should really go for a Nintendo DS, NDS Lite or a Sony PSP, but if you can only really afford to get a GBA, you should choose a GBA SP if you want a large screen, the ability to play previous GB games and are willing to put up with the compactness of the handheld, or, if you're looking for something smaller, only really play GBA games and don't mind the smallness of the thing, get the GBM!

Thanks for reading this article!

Oliver Earl
Classic Gaming
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