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The Role of PPC Management in Driving Traffic to Your Site

The use of pay-per-click (ppc) search engines is one of the single most effective forms of internet marketing. PPC management programs enable a website owner to get their website listed in the search engines with desirable ranking even when it seems impossible to get a decent page rank in the organic search engines. However, ppc advertising can be costly if sound ppc management techniques are not used and part of the pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Pay-per-click search engines truly drive loads of traffic to your website and the use of them is cost-effective because you don't actually pay for advertisements. Rather, you bid on keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to the information, products or services provided by your website. Whatever your bid is, that is the amount that you pay for each click-through - the per-click price for an internet browser that clicks on the ad and is directed to your site.

Because you pay a flat fee for every click-through to your website, ppc management is vital. Without good ppc management, you can quickly begin to lose money. PPC management begins before you ever bid on a keyword. Crafting a practical ppc management strategy is essential. Most pay-per-click programs allow you to specify a monthly, or sometimes even a daily spending budget.

Once your budget is reached, your ads quit appearing in the ppc search results so you are not charged more than you have budgeted for. Some service companies use unique ppc management strategies. They leave their ads up until they get as much work as they can handle, then they manually put their ppc advertising on hold until the work is complete and they are ready to take on more jobs. PPC management should employ one of these two strategies to ensure that your ppc advertising doesn't break your budget.

Another factor to consider for effective ppc management is the actual value of a visitor to your website. The value of each visitor will aid you in ppc management and budgeting as the bid on a keyword should not exceed the value of a visit to your website. If it does, you will be spending more on your advertising than what it is worth which will result in a budget deficit.

Knowing the value of each visitor to your website is critical for ppc management. To calculate the value you first need to determine your conversion rate by dividing your average number of unique visitors per month by your average sales per month. You will get a percentage which reflects your conversion rate. Now take your average gross revenue, subtract your average expenses and divide that number by your average number of sales to determine your net profit per sale. Next, divide your net profit per sale by your conversion rate. The resulting number is the value of each visitor to your website. When bidding on keywords, do not bid more than the value of each visitor.

Once the ppc campaign is set up, ongoing ppc management is necessary. Continual ppc management activities involve reviewing reports to see how effective particular keyword bids are in driving traffic to the website, reviewing the value per visitor periodically, and testing new keywords and keyword phrases to see if others will be more effective in driving traffic to the website.

Most website owners can handle their own ppc management once they get a grasp on what it is all about and how pay-per-click programs work. PPC management can be time consuming, but it really is not too complicated. If you are not the do-it-yourself type, you may want to check into ppc management services. PPC management service providers generally provide a wide array of ppc management services including keyword research, strategy development, keyword bidding, and budget control.

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