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Direct Mail for Taxicab Companies

Taxicab companies must be sure to fill up those cabs so they can max out their ridership and expand to buy new cabs as well. If not the old cabs end up with too many miles with low income-per-revenue figures and that hurts their forward progress in the market place.

Taxicabs need to do more than simply advertise on the sides of the cabs with easy to remember numbers; they must get new clientele to try them out. If satisfied the cab company knows they will be back for another ride soon enough.

One thing the taxicab companies can do is to send out direct-mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages to all those households with and a 30 mile radius of the areas they serve. Direct mail and direct-mail marketing for taxicab companies makes sense because the return on investment is quite high.

Taxicab company should remind people in the area by using direct mail at least four times per year to ensure that people remember the phone number and always have it handy.

Direct mail marketing and direct-mail coupon packages work pretty good for transportation companies and taxicab companies should be well advised to use this form of advertising and marketing to increase ridership and clientele. Please consider all this in 2006.

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