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Different Types of Holsters

Holsters that are designed for handguns are made in a wide range of shapes, materials and release mechanisms. Because of the large variety of holsters, there are as many ways in which a holster can be used depending upon the user's preference. They have been used in the form of simple leather pouches which were hung from a belt to very sophisticated and protective leather holsters with flaps covering the whole pistol. Then there are the competition holsters which hold the gun at a precise position so that it releases with pressure, These holsters are spring loaded.

It is possible to divide holsters into at least three categories simply by considering the different holster’s uses.


Worn by people of uniform, police and even by the military. These holsters are designed to be carried in plain site to be openly seen where is no reason to conceal the weapon. In fact, being able to retain the weapon is as critical as keeping the hands of the bad guys off of it. Usually the holster is constructed of leather. Their appearance is as important as its functionality because it is usually part of the uniform and has certain specifications to be considered in conjunction with the uniform. Most are polished to a shine and made to be harder to remove. It would be a disaster for a weapon to fall from a police officer’s holster or worse yet for a “perp” to be able to easily obtain the weapon.


Worn by plainclothes law enforcement as well as those who have obtained a Conceal and Carry license which is allowed in many states. These holsters are made with the idea of concealment. Frequently they are small and easy to hide. One usually wears these holsters under their clothing and are completely out of site. Since the holster is worn close to the user’s body, comfort is usually very important. Because of the wide profile of the holster a broader distribution area for comfort is possible. The fact that the outside of the conceal holster is spread over a large area also makes it difficult to be revealed on the outside of the clothing.


Worn by sport shooters and hunters. These holsters are available in the widest range of choices. You will find these holsters with quick access for fast draw shooting as well as providing high protection from the elements when hunting with your pistol or when carrying it in the field. There are also those holsters used for “plinking” (shooting for fun). As with any sporting equipment the variety of sporting holsters is as varied as the users themselves. So when you are in the shopping mode for holsters, it is best to consider these types and the functions you are trying to incorporate in your shooting. Enjoy your hunting, shooting, or protection shooting with the proper leather holster.

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