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Alltel Wireless Cell Phone Ringtones

Alltel Wireless (NYSE: AT) is a telecommunications giant with headquarters in Arkansas. Alltel communication provides wireless data services to both business and residential customers in 36 states.

With over 15 million cell phone customers, Alltel wireless phone company is the largest regional cell phone company in America, and the 5th largest cell phone company overall. Alltel Wireless primary targets small to medium-sized cities, but also has inexpensive roaming agreements with the other national CDMA carriers, particularly Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, in order to provide national wireless phone service. But other arrangements are in place between Alltel Wireless and U.S. Cellular, Cingular Wireless and most Canadian cellular providers.

Alltel communication networks consist of both analog and digital systems which operate on the 800 MHz cellular band, pretty much like competitors Verizon Wireless.

Recently, network operator Alltel Wireless just acquired Midwest Wireless Holdings in a $1 billion acquisition that would allow them to gain additional 450,000 wireless customers.

Alltel mobile works with cell phones typically manufactured by BlackBerry, Kyocera, LG, Motorola and more recently Samsung. Alltel wireless cell phones use the BREW interface.

There are a variety of mobile phone applications you can download to your Alltel cell phone. One of which is the ringtones which is a very common feature of a cell phone of any brands and models, whether older or newer.

Indeed, Alltel ringtones allow customers to hear the songs of their choice each time they receive wireless phone calls. Alltel customers may download these real audio quality Alltel downloadable ringtones from a Web site to their cell phone via SMS.

All you need is a phone and a plan from Alltel Wireless. Alltel Wireless offers a variety of ringtone-capable phones. The last handset is the slim and affordable Nokia 2865i which can be obtained at all Alltel stores.

Alltel Wireless ringtones (Alltel Motorola ringtones, Alltel Kyocera ringtones, Alltel LG ringtones, Alltel Nokia ringtones,) cost on average $3 per download, and typically, one free Alltel ringtone is available from the ringtones web site. Ringtones for Alltel cell phone are delivered to your cell phone in a series of text messages, usually 2 to 4 text messages per ringtone. Downloading Alltel music ringtones does not use additional airtime.

To check the model number on your Alltel cell phone, simply remove the Alltel cell phone's battery and look at the model number on the back of the Alltel cell phone.

You can also get some free polyphonic ringtones using a variety of other ringtone applications.

Ringtone Jam Jam is your guide to Alltel Wireless cell phone ringtones.

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