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How to Make Money on PPC

Pay per click or PPC, as you will see it thrown around sounds like a pretty easy concept. How to make money on PPC sounds like an easy task at first, but it is a rather complicated subject. Most people start off by finding a niche with little competition and a good number of searches per month. Once you have found your niche, you need to find a product to promote. Bid on some keywords that cost pennies per click and watch the money roll in...if only it were that easy.

Heck I'm a pretty smart dude. I figured, who needs to read some tutorial. Just do some research, put up a campaign, run it and watch my checking account get fatter as I sleep.

Ummm, No. PPC click sometimes reminds me of Texas Hold Em. Many say it takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.

PPC advertising is an art form. You must need to understand many different things before you can just slap up an ad in AdWords and expect to see the cash rolling in. I learned this the hard way.

If you are serious about how to make money on PPC, then you will need some form of coaching to put up a successful campaign. Sure you could by an ebook and try and fail to see what works, but why do that when sites like Wealthy affiliate will not only give you a tutorial and ebook to review, but it has a section in the forum dedicated just to maintaining and tweaking your AdWords campaigns.

The owners of the site, Kyle and Carson, who run and own Wealthy Affiliate, will personally critique your campaign to tell you what you need to change. They will literally hold your hand and teach you how to make money on PPC.

Sure, some membership sites promise you a lot of things, but how many of them actually come through. Many times I have PM'd Kyle or Carson and have had a reply within a day.

Not bad for being one of over 4,000 members to get a personal answer to my question.

Believe me, I have been on the losing end of a failed AdWords campaign. Nothing sucks more than realizing you have lost a ton of money because of a few simple mistakes.

Wealthy Affiliate will help reduce or eliminate making these mistakes with the AdWords veterans you can find in the forum. So STOP! Get the right kind of help and learn how to make money on PPC before you end up losing any money.

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Source: www.isnare.com