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PPC Publishing: Does It Make Sense

For quite a while we saw many new websites and Blogs pop-up, which were obviously made and designed for one purpose; making money with Google AdSense and of course if they received the right amount of traffic, well then they did make money and yet many folks built websites hoping to get rich only to receive trickle payments and hardly even covered their web development time or costs. Too bad for them, perhaps not so bad for the Internet User who arrived at these sites only to not find what they were looking for.

Many of these early sites that did not make money have left now, but some say for everyone, which leaves there are two to take its place. But new websites do not do so well in the search engines and thus just because you build it does not mean they will come.

So PPC Publishing; Does it Make Sense? Good question and the answer is yes and no. It pays to have high-traffic portals and it makes sense if you have the traffic for industry sub-sectors with high paying Pay Per Click payouts that you develop additional pages custom tailored to enhance you ratios to make money.

PPC Publishing does not always make sense for a start up website in an industry with lots of competition these days and then again specifically niched markets might do very well, although if you lose your ranking you lose your revenue as your traffic drops off. So consider all this in 2006.

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