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Sprint, Saunter or Sway

Now that we can count the remaining weeks in 2006 on our fingers, it might be a good idea to contemplate how we will approach them. Will you sprint, saunter, or sway? The answer probably depends on how you evaluate the previous weeks of 2006.

Sprint -- If you still have items on your 2006 to do list and your realistic goals have yet to be achieved, you can still make this year a truly great one. There is time to draw up a plan and sprint to the finish. It is amazing how much can be accomplished when you decide to just do it. Sprinting requires:

Vision – A minds eye photo of what the situation will be on December 31

Mission – A written statement of commitment

Decision – to step out

Saunter –If you are on target to achieve the goals you set for 2006. You may elect to saunter. Give yourself the gift of a steady leisurely pace to the year’s end. Take your time, enjoy the journey and savor every moment. Sauntering requires:

Contentment – with most of your outcomes

Conviction – that you are on the right course

Contemplation – of the next achievements for which you will strive.

Sway – If you didn’t set goals for 2006 or if you can’t remember what they were, you probably swayed your way through past weeks and will do so for the rest. Swaying is ok when you don’t care where you are going or how long it takes to get there. Swaying requires:

Shortsightedness – a lack of context for living each day

Confusion – unclear values and objectives

A broken watch

The count down is on, one step at a time…. Sprint, Saunter or Sway….which will you do this day?


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