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How You Can Find And Download PSP Emulator Software

Anyone and everyone who owns a PSP games console is getting fantastic value for their money. The PSP games console is not only the latest in gaming technology, but it can also play music, movies and TV shows.

However one of the best features of the PSP is that you can use it not only to play PSP games, but you can also load and play other console games on it (for example Nintendo Gameboy games), provided that you download PSP emulator software.

Let me explain. A PSP emulator is a relatively simple piece of software that you can upload into your PSP, (emulators are sometimes referred to as a 'homebrews').

Once this emulator software is on your PSP, it causes your PSP games console to act as though it were an alternate games console, such as a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis.

Once you download PSP Emulator software and upload it onto your PSP, the emulator will allow you to play other gaming console games on your PSP. Also legally, there is nothing wrong with using a PSP emulator on your own PSP, as creating an emulator isn't illegal.


Well, first of all, before you can begin to search for and download PSP emulator software, you need to check what firmware version your PSP games console has.

This is because, the only PSP firmware versions that you can download a game onto are versions 1.0 and 1.50, as currently the firmware versions 1.51 and above, won't allow you to run an emulator.

You can check the firmware version on your PSP console, simply by scrolling left on the PSP's main screen and selecting the options in the following order: SETTINGS > SYSTEMS SETTINGS > SYSTEM INFORMATION > SYSTEM SOFTWARE. The SYSTEM SOFTWARE option should show you your PSP's firmware version number.

Now that you have checked that you have the right firmware version, you can now go about looking for an emulator.

The best option for PSP games console owners, is to start by searching for large official PSP downloading websites. They offer you the opportunity to download emulators for your PSP (as well as downloading a wide range of legal games, music and TV shows).

You can also try doing a search for your required PSP emulator (for example, typing in Nintendo PSP Emulator into a search engine). Although be warned, that the software you download from small unofficial websites may do more harm to your PSP games console, than good.

Did you know that you can find and download PSP emulator software within the next 5 minutes? As well as gain access to hundreds of PSP games, movies, music and tv show downloads?

Visit http://www.PspDownloadGuide.blogspot.com to find out how you can get all of this, and more, for your PSP console.

Source: www.articlecube.com