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UltraGet: The Ultimate YouTube Video Downloader?

So I was surprised to come across the free UltraGet Video Downloader. It, too, is a YouTube video downloader, but with a difference: it's extremely well-designed and has some neat features.

First off, to download a video, just copy and paste the URL of the video you want to grab into UltraGet and press Start Downloading. So far everything is ordinary. The trick is that UltraGet saves the Flash video file with the name of the YouTube video, not the random string of letters and numbers that you usually get.

If you use Firefox, you can drag-and-drop video links that you want to grab into UltraGet.

For bulk YouTube video downloading, you can save a YouTube webpage to your computer and have UltraGet parse it to extract all the video URLs for download (File->Parse HTML/Text File). You can schedule as many downloads as you like and have your computer shut down once UltraGet is finished.

The handy internal Flash video player lets you watch all your YouTube videos from one place.

Still, UltraGet isn't perfect. Other unique YouTube downloaders include DownloadHelper (for bulk YouTube downloads) and Orbit Downloader.

You can Download UltraGet here

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